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February 17, 2018 by Kelly

Have you ever thought about just up and quitting your job to start your own company? 

Chances are that the answer to question is most likely "yes" since you are reading or listening to this podcast episode. :) 

In this particular episode, I chatted with Jen Bengel, a a school teacher turned successful Christian woman entrepreneur, who not only quit her job, but later on her husband did too! From the reasoning behind why she took the leap, to what she considered with her husband and what preparations were made beforehand, this episode offers plenty of insights and tips on how you could make the switch and how to go about it with a smooth transition. 


Learn What You Should Consider Before Quitting Your Job To Run Your Own Business Fulltime...

  • Why Jenny quit her job as a school teacher
  • What specific actions Jenny and Andy (her husband) took before she retired her husband’s full-time job as an engineer
  • 5 main things that Jenny and her husband did to achieve their success
  • Why you should consider using webinars to connect with your tribe


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