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December 19, 2016 by Kelly

Are you frustrated because it seems like your videos aren't getting many hits or likes? 

Don't give up! I would like to introduce you to Justin Brown. He is a if not the leading video production specialist with over 20+ years in the field leading to top-level credits on the international film, documentary, and broadcast productions involving a raft of inspirational domain leaders, including Dr. John Martini, Roger Hamilton, and John Assaraf, extreme athletes Mark Visser and Ant Williams, and global change makers like UN Women. Nowadays, he's known for teaching his methods for producing better video content faster at 

Video content is one of the best ways to shrink the distance between you and your audience, potential clients, and customers.  To create videos nowadays isn't that difficult at all as long you have a smartphone in your pocket. However, creating engaging videos is a totally different story. That’s why I invited my guest today to show us how. In today’s gem-packed interview, we have covered a lot of practical tips ranging from Youtube vs Facebook live, to the perfect length of a youtube video and how to create videos that will rank highly on the algorithm. 


Learn How to Create Engaging Youtube Videos...

  • Justin gives us his #1 tip for engaging video creating
  • The pro process of creating the high ranking videos
  • How to avoid the same videos AGAIN
  • Pro tip for the easy editing (You probably would think of :))
  • What the “best” length of Youtube videos are
  • How to become the expert in your field by video content creating
  • Justin’s thoughts on Youtube v.s. Facebook Live


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