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December 8, 2020 by Kelly

Do you feel that you missed the trend to start a Youtube channel for your business? 

I know that it can seem like the market on Youtube is already saturated, but as our guest speaker says, this is not the case! You can still use Youtube to help you generate profit for your business! 

Today's guest is Rob Balasabas, who as the Partnership Growth Manager at and host of his own channel on Youtube, he knows a thing or two about why it's not too late to start a Youtube channel! 

Thanks to both time and personal experience of growing his own channel while also working in customer service,  various digital agencies and now at Tubebuddy, Rob has learned how you can utilize Youtube and drive organic traffic to your channel. 

Regardless whether you already have a channel or are looking to jump on the bandwagon,  you will find tips in this episode to help you! From NOT paying attention to subscriber numbers, to building a community, and  choosing the right questions to answer in your videos, these tips will help you learn how to bring your Youtube channel to the next level .

With the help of Tubebuddy and their tools, you can get access to quite a ton of data which can help you narrow down your topics, find a great keyword for your SEO, and help you understand the analytics of your Youtube channel. 


Learn Why It Is Not Too Late to Start a Youtube Channel...

  • [01:37]  Rob shares a bit about his journey to Tubebuddy
  • [08:44]  Why experts, coaches, consultants should start a Youtube channel
  • [09:40]  Rob outlines how he felt that he hit the ceiling on growing his Youtube channel and what strategies he implemented to get over the hump
  • [15:25]  Why you don't need so many subscribers as you may think you do – especially when you have high ticket items
  • [17:27]  Rob explains what Tubebuddy is and why it is so powerful
  • [23:10]  How to use the Keyword  Search Tool on Tubebuddy and figure out what the sweet spot is for the search number
  • [25:14]  Why Youtube is a long term strategy for your business and not a quick fix solution
  • [28:07]  How often should you upload videos to Youtube?  Here's the answer 🙂 


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