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May 25, 2021 by Kelly

Are you struggling to close that sale?

You are most definitely not alone! Luckily for you, our guest today gives us more than a few tips and insights on how we cannot rely on the old methods of selling and how game theory can teach us a thing or two about sales and closing that deal, while still serving your clients excellently. 

DK Kim isn't just another sales consultant and trainer. His sales journey first began when  he skipped college and at 20 years old, learned sales the old school way - door to door sales - selling small business services like phone lines, shipping services and 5-gallon water coolers.  He trekked the hilly streets of San Francisco in the summer and knife cutting winds and snow of Chicago in the winter. DK  would hit 40-50 small business doors, sell 3-5 accounts on average per day and come back to the office to ring that good ole sales bell! Ding Ding! What a sound!

He went on to become a loan officer and sold over $20M in sales volume before getting recruited by  his best friend to start his SaaS sales career in real estate tech space - selling over $8M in SaaS. He  then transitioned into becoming the head of marketing events at BoomTown and established hundreds of key relationships with top franchises and independent brokerages across the country to maintain and grow the BoomTown brand.So as you can see, he knows his stuff! In this episode, we delve into his journey  as a copywriter and entrepreneur, as he details why the aim of a copywriter isn't to manipulate people (and why it's a bad long-term strategy), but to show them how our solution fixes their problem.

In 2017, he left all of that to build  his own digital marketing agency. That's when he realized early on after switching careers from Sales Ambassador to a self-employed contractor, selling high-ticket marketing services is that he had a distinct advantage over his competition and the reason was simple - he's better at selling. 

So as you can see, he knows his stuff! In this episode, we delve into his journey as a sales consultant and entrepreneur, as he details why sales is an important skill (if not essential skill) for all of us and how to close a sale without compromising our biblical principles and ensuring that we serve our clients with excellence.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas , so let's get to it! 


Learn How DK Became a Top Sales Performer & Transitioned to Sales Consultancy...

  • [01:48] DK explains how his entrepreneurial journey, like all others, contains lots of trial and error
  • [06:52] How the pandemic had him launch - The New School of Selling 
  • [08:42] DK shares the difference between old and new school of selling and how game theory explains it all!
  • [11:25] The answer to - How do you stay comfortable when transitioning from "I can solve this problem for you" to asking the potential client to pay
  • [13:18] What to do if the prospective client says that they cannot afford your price
  • [15:26] Difference between selling to serve or selling for profit 
  • [17:34] Real life examples from the Bible of  salesmanship vs leadership 
  • [22:49] What to look for when hiring your sales team 
  • [28:55] Departing  wisdom from DK: don't forget entrepreneurship is an inner game!


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