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April 6, 2021 by Kelly

Are you living life as your authentic self?

We hear so much nowadays about being authentic, that it seems like the word is overused. From social media influencers, to marketing ads, it seems like everywhere we go, we hear about it, but what does it really mean?

Our first guest, Dawn Trimble will elaborate on how it's not as straightforward as you might think. Through her story, you will see how it is just as much the journey of finding out who you really are, that makes up who you are. God has a plan for your life and He gives us grace, even when we don't deserve it.

After Dawn, we have Denise Walsh who tried to be the perfect mom, the perfect boss, the perfect coach, but realized that no one is. We will all mess up and that's okay. That's what makes us human. She teaches us that even though we scroll through social media and see all the beautiful pictures, we don't know really know what's going on in their lives. Instead of holding it all in, why shouldn't we share our struggles with each other and help one another?

Note: This mini series will have episodes uploaded every day from March 27th until April 17th, so check back daily to hear first-hand stories from different Christian entrepreneurs about how they heeded God's call and what happened after they took that first step....


Key Lessons From This Episode...

  • [Dawn] Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you! 
  • [Dawn] Grace is what we get, but don’t deserve 
  • [Dawn] Hope is what she has in God.
  • [Denise] Once she figured out what her God-give gifts are and utilised them, doors started to open. 
  • [Denise] Being your authentic self, means that you don’t need to be super polished, instead let your personality come through.
  • [Denise] Share more about your struggles instead of sharing pictures or text about how you have it all together - no one does. 


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